The Beast

In the six years I've had a driver's license {ooh, my age is showing} it's been me and the Pearl.  She and I have made countless trips from Tucson to Rexburg, Rexburg to Salt Lake, Tucson to Phoenix and back.  She's nimble!  Amazing turning radius, a nice little jump when you hit the gas, a smooth ride.  The Pearl's my baby.

Alexa is my other baby.  Sweet little sis.  For her first semester of college I gifted her with the Pearl.  There were some major perks switching vehicles with her.  It was while Roy and I were getting settled in our first place.  I mean, my little car wasn't about to pull a U-Haul for 730 miles!  We dreamed of the day we'd throw our snowboards in the back and still be able to fit friends.

Now all I'm dreaming about is parallel parking without killing myself!

The Beast is such a pain to drive around campus.  I'm always forced to squeeze into the most ridiculous places.

Sometimes I'm a proud success.

And sometimes I end up damaging something.

Hopefully I don't end up damaging something more permanent... like someone's fender.

Then two days ago I got a gash in our tire.  I immediately blamed the construction I have to drive through every day to get to school.  But when Roy checked it out he found one of our pennies.  We've set tons of pennies on the railroad tracks in front of our house.  It's fun to go out there and search around the tracks for the smashed pennies.  They get as thin as paper and bend easily.  Apparently they can be sharp too, because that's what Roy found sticking out of the back tire.


And Roy fixed it in the pouring rain.  What a good hubby!

So, it's been a fun little adventure...
but I'm ready to trade the Beast back for the Pearl.

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  1. There is ALY sitting next to it. What a sweet and loyal companion,