A Balancing Act

Writing a poem for a class, reading a novel, studying for an exam, and making enchiladas all at the same time!
I haven't gotten that good.

Here's the thing:  Every married person I knew said that "settling down" helped them to be a better student.  You know, there's no more dates you're obligated to go on, not as many parties, and your social life generally sputters to a halt.  More time for homework?

SO untrue!  At least not for us.

If we're not hanging out with friends we're the ultimate distraction to each other!!!  I spend every afternoon scrambling to get as much homework done as possible because I know as soon as Roy and I are home together we're going to convince each other to watch a movie or go outside on the grass and see how many times we can bounce the exercise ball on our heads.... seriously.

I've never been so distracted in my life!  BUT, I'm having the time of my life, too.

Roy surprised me and took me to a pumpkin patch where they have a corn maze and hay slide and MORE!

Oh, and Kenny and Andrea were there too:

After running around in the still-green corn for a while and trying to scare each other around every corner, we hit up the hay slide.  It was dark so we didn't catch a lot of pictures, but it was so much fun.  At first I was kinda scared someone was going to bite the back of my head again, but once they all forced me into it we had a blast.

Balancing school, work, writing, and being married is definitely new, but definitely do-able.  I've made up my mind that first thing so be sacrificed is {honestly} school.  That sounds bad, I know.  Don't worry, I'm still doing fine in my classes, but I'm just not putting in as much time as I used to.  Unless it's a creative writing class, it's pretty low on my totem poll of important things these days.  Thursday Movie Night with our friends is a must.  Going out with friends on the weekend is irreplaceable.  And we always make time to just chill together.

{Thanks for the surprise Roy}

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  1. oh, so sweet!! ya, after we got married I pretty much gave up on school, it was just so hard to stay focused. But don't take after me and hang in there:) Good luck with the balancing act!