Week 1 of Domesticity

Phew!... I've cooked more this week than I've ever cooked in all my days combined!  The best part: I've only completely ruined one thing.  This is a record.  Someone call Guinness!
  This week I've learned....
How to cook meat!

How to knead dough...

And how to cook for guests... who's only complain was that the weird corn tasted fruity.  I don't know how I pulled that one off...

What would I do without Roy documenting these momentous occasions?  And without him teaching me?!  He taught me how to turn Bisquick powder into warm biscuits!  (Unfortunately, they turned out hard and thin.)  He taught me what parts I'm supposed to take out of a chicken.  (Unfortunately, I shredded it too thin and they turned out to be more like crunchy chicken fries.)  And he got me a vegetable chopper (Unfortunately, I used way too much vegetable oil to cook it and the stupid thing was spitting and scalding my hands the whole time!)

Yes, that paragraph kind of makes me sound like a failure-- and trust me, the incidents don't end there-- but it's really a giant leap for me.  The last few nights Roy has been saying, "Wow, we're doing really good!  We're having really good full meals every night this week!"  Apparently he wasn't entirely sure that I would stick to my new goal of domesticity for more than a day- haha!

I asked him, "Do you love me more now that I'm cooking for you?"  And with a mouth full of Mexican quiche, he said, "Definitely!"  HAHA!

P.S. The only room in our apartment that I have really completely finished decorating is the kitchen... because that seems to be where I spend most of my time.  Here she is:


  1. You are doing awesome!! And your house is ADORABLE!!! Where are you guys living? Also, Taylor text me today and told me Audra is back at school...That was such a fun apartment :)

  2. We're living in Springville, UT! Thanks so much, we both really like the apartment. And that is awesome Audra is back at school. I really do LOVE those memories that fall. Miss ya!