Never Tired of London

School has started.  I've scrambled up my schedule enough times to cause a few stress-zits, but I think I'm finally settled.  After only one week of school I can already tell you what my favorite days of the week will be: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays.  When I get to take Writing for Children and Adolescents and then Literature into Film.  At last, after three years of college I've arrived at the subjects that I've truly been thirsting for.
It so happens that a girl who was in London with me last fall is in my Literature into Film class.  It's always nice to have a friend in class.  You know, it helps me look like somewhat less of a loser.  Plus they're good for homework emergencies etc.  Rachel and I fill in the gaps between lectures reminiscing about our time in London and our other travels from Paris to the Isle of Skye.  It always leaves me feeling nostalgic and craving Nandos.  (Mmmmmmm)
Today Rachel told me that it was the anniversary of when we arrived at the London Centre.
That brought on a whole new onslaught of intense nostalgia!  At this exact time one year ago I was setting up my bed beneath the slanting ceiling in the attic.  I was looking out the window at all of the chimney tops and wondering what the place held in store for me.
Wow, and then I met some of the greatest people and had some of the most amazing experiences.  If only I could have deciphered from those chimney tops that I would have the greatest semester of my life... maybe it would have helped me fight off the jet-lag.  
"When a man [or woman] is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
- Samuel Johnson

I couldn't agree more with Sam.  London afforded us our ring!  And it was when I knew Roy was the one I wanted to grow old with and return to London with again and again.  I hope we do.  I miss you London!


  1. The nostalgia's hitting me too! Beautifully said. I am SO excited to be in this class with you!

  2. Makes me want to take a trip to London. Your classes sound fun. Good luck at BYU.

  3. A) If afford means the same thing as affordable, London did not afford us our ring.
    B) Our piggy bank is half full and we will be back before you know it!