It Could Be Worse... WAY Worse

“Being married sucks!  I never get to see you anymore!”
I couldn’t stop laughing when Roy said this as I was explaining why I would be gone all day Saturday.  It’s true, we’re both so busy this semester it’s insane!
My life: 16 credits, an internship with lots of social networking, hours of reading and writing a day, taking baby steps to become domestic.
Roy’s life: work every day until 5, studying LSAT material every day, Wednesdays and Saturdays hours and hours in a BYU LSAT prep course, assisting me with my baby steps. 
But I get an average of six calls a day from the husband while he sits in his office at work.  Unfortunately, three out of those six calls I’m usually in the library and can’t talk.  But our quick conversations and “love you” reminders is the perfect pick-me-up when I’m drowning in essay revising. 
Yesterday I came home to this:

No reason at all, just being sweet.  He knew I would be working at my internship until late and used that extra time to run and buy me some awesome flowers that totally match our kitchen.  And then there’s the note (kind of an inside joke), complete with heart illustrations! 
Just as I’m basking in the warmth of Roy’s thoughtful sweetness, the table shakes from the slamming of a door downstairs.  This is quickly followed by a series of cussing and a child crying.  Yeah- they’re at it again.
One of the joys of living in a 4-plex: sharing walls with strangers.  The people who live directly below us are having some major familial issues.  It's not any of my business, of course.  But yet it has a small impact on my daily life.  The parents fight a lot.  And it's loud.
A few nights ago I woke up at 4 a.m. to the F bomb exploding at an amazing volume through our bedroom floor. I don't want to go into any more details, but it has made me feel so blessed.  
Today I'd forgotten to pack a lunch, so when I got home my husband had a veggie burger warm and waiting for me.  Love you Roy!  Thanks for doing the little things every day to let me know you love me!
Life could be worse... sacrificing time for classes etc. really isn't so bad.  Life is awesome.  In fact, I don't think it could be any better!


  1. My Mr. and I often reminisce about the time we spent in college - living together, newly married, earning about $11,000 a year combined, living in a studio apartment about the size of my parent's living room, going to school full time, hardly seeing each other. But - life was simple. School and each other. That was one of the easiest times in our 9 years together! We loved each other then so much, and love each other even more now. It seemed busy at the time, and we're still busy, but the type of busy changes. Love this time in your married life because it will be unique - no babies, working together for the things you want in life. There will be no other time in your life like it. I love your perspective!

  2. I TOTALLY feel your pain. I was in a duplex with really thin walls and knew WAY too much about neighbors. SO relieved to move into a house. Good luck with everything.