The Wedding

Roy and I recently celebrated our two month anniversary!

It almost seems ridiculous to bother putting any pictures up now that we have been married for so long. But I just got them from our photographer yesterday, and I can't help myself- I want them up for those people who weren't able to be there.  In fact, I was only given a small portion of the pictures, (grumble) but the rest are on their way.  I think I'll stick with this post and be quick about it.
Looking at these pictures has made both Roy and I giddy looking back on the best day of our lives.

July 23, 2010

That morning I heard the circulating rumor that Roy was nervous.

He got over it...

The bridesmaids looked beautiful

And the weather was mind-blowingly perfect!

Nearly all of our favorite people were there.
(I wish I'd been sent group shots involving family that I could add)

The reception was gorgeous.  It truly had a fairy tale wedding feel.

Our friends were very happy for us.

And we were feeling pretty ridiculously happy too.

We cut the cake, made toasts with sparkling cider, threw the bouquet, and tossed the garter.

And there was lots of dancing!

As we left we had rice thrown at us... a little violently from some...

And all in all it was even better than whatever wedding I'd been dreaming about as a little girl.  Everything was perfect!  I wouldn't change a thing!  I felt so blessed to have so many friends and family travel all the way out for us.  I felt blessed to be entering such an amazing and awesome family.  But more than anything...
I felt blessed to have been sealed in the temple-- in the house of the Lord

At the right time, at the right place, to the right (and greatest) person.  

Now to go...

 live happily ever after...

A Message From Roy

Sometimes Elliot can be a little harsh as she critiques herself, especially when it comes to her culinary skills. I think that Elliot is an above average, even pretty crafty chef. I make this statement on good grounds. I have eaten a lot in my life, and still eat a lot every day. I know what is and isn't good eatin. So everyone be notified- Elliot can cook and cooks well. So if invited, please don't be afraid to spend a pleasant evening at our home feasting on one of her delectable home-made entrĂ©es. Everyone is welcome- you bring the dessert.  

Week 1 of Domesticity

Phew!... I've cooked more this week than I've ever cooked in all my days combined!  The best part: I've only completely ruined one thing.  This is a record.  Someone call Guinness!
  This week I've learned....
How to cook meat!

How to knead dough...

And how to cook for guests... who's only complain was that the weird corn tasted fruity.  I don't know how I pulled that one off...

What would I do without Roy documenting these momentous occasions?  And without him teaching me?!  He taught me how to turn Bisquick powder into warm biscuits!  (Unfortunately, they turned out hard and thin.)  He taught me what parts I'm supposed to take out of a chicken.  (Unfortunately, I shredded it too thin and they turned out to be more like crunchy chicken fries.)  And he got me a vegetable chopper (Unfortunately, I used way too much vegetable oil to cook it and the stupid thing was spitting and scalding my hands the whole time!)

Yes, that paragraph kind of makes me sound like a failure-- and trust me, the incidents don't end there-- but it's really a giant leap for me.  The last few nights Roy has been saying, "Wow, we're doing really good!  We're having really good full meals every night this week!"  Apparently he wasn't entirely sure that I would stick to my new goal of domesticity for more than a day- haha!

I asked him, "Do you love me more now that I'm cooking for you?"  And with a mouth full of Mexican quiche, he said, "Definitely!"  HAHA!

P.S. The only room in our apartment that I have really completely finished decorating is the kitchen... because that seems to be where I spend most of my time.  Here she is:

It Could Be Worse... WAY Worse

“Being married sucks!  I never get to see you anymore!”
I couldn’t stop laughing when Roy said this as I was explaining why I would be gone all day Saturday.  It’s true, we’re both so busy this semester it’s insane!
My life: 16 credits, an internship with lots of social networking, hours of reading and writing a day, taking baby steps to become domestic.
Roy’s life: work every day until 5, studying LSAT material every day, Wednesdays and Saturdays hours and hours in a BYU LSAT prep course, assisting me with my baby steps. 
But I get an average of six calls a day from the husband while he sits in his office at work.  Unfortunately, three out of those six calls I’m usually in the library and can’t talk.  But our quick conversations and “love you” reminders is the perfect pick-me-up when I’m drowning in essay revising. 
Yesterday I came home to this:

No reason at all, just being sweet.  He knew I would be working at my internship until late and used that extra time to run and buy me some awesome flowers that totally match our kitchen.  And then there’s the note (kind of an inside joke), complete with heart illustrations! 
Just as I’m basking in the warmth of Roy’s thoughtful sweetness, the table shakes from the slamming of a door downstairs.  This is quickly followed by a series of cussing and a child crying.  Yeah- they’re at it again.
One of the joys of living in a 4-plex: sharing walls with strangers.  The people who live directly below us are having some major familial issues.  It's not any of my business, of course.  But yet it has a small impact on my daily life.  The parents fight a lot.  And it's loud.
A few nights ago I woke up at 4 a.m. to the F bomb exploding at an amazing volume through our bedroom floor. I don't want to go into any more details, but it has made me feel so blessed.  
Today I'd forgotten to pack a lunch, so when I got home my husband had a veggie burger warm and waiting for me.  Love you Roy!  Thanks for doing the little things every day to let me know you love me!
Life could be worse... sacrificing time for classes etc. really isn't so bad.  Life is awesome.  In fact, I don't think it could be any better!

Mission: Domestication

Sometimes I enjoy a little rebellion.  For example, when I was sixteen I told my dad I wasn’t going to college.
Hah- yeah that was fun…
Then when I did end up going to college, I proudly told everyone who would listen that I was completely anti-domestic.  I couldn’t iron a shirt to save my life, cleaning the bathroom was forever last on my To Do List, and most importantly, I didn’t cook anything unless it came pre-made and frozen.  I had roommates that didn’t believe me… until they experienced it first hand.
I admit I got secret pleasure out of the looks on some people’s faces when they saw just how bad I really was. 
“Just give it a try.  You just need to practice.”
*One hour and a crusty purple casserole later*
“Oh… wow… you really do suck at cooking.”

And I loved how whenever someone burned something in the kitchen, whether or not it was me, (although it usually was) it was tradition for everyone to walk in and ask, “Oh no, is Elliot cooking again?”
Once I even had a date that spent the majority of the evening trying to convince me that it was my duty as a woman to become an amazing cook.  Yeah that was our last date. 
So, I found a guy that liked to cook himself and didn’t mind my anti-domesticity.  Yes!  I can lead my one-person rebellion for the rest of my life, right?  I’m set!  
Then we got married and moved into our own place.  How that changes everything I’ve been fighting for the last ten years, I have no idea.  But when Roy comes home from work I suddenly have this overwhelming desire to transform into Martha Stewart and whip up the most monstrous feast he’s ever laid eyes on!  I want the apartment to be spick and span and everything to match and look flawless!
Ew- what’s wrong with me?  Something about being married to the sweetest and awesomest man on earth is arousing weird womanly instincts I thought I’d been born without.  In fact, just for him my new mission for the year is to become… dOmEsTiC!
So, here I go.  Not only am I going to learn how to cook but I’m going to learn how to iron, too.  And I’m not going to forget about the laundry and let it get all mildewey in the washer.  And you know what?  I’m going to wear an apron too.
I mean… if I’m going down I might as well go all the way down.  Plus, I got a lot of cute aprons at my bridal shower.  I can almost wear one for each day of the week. 
And I’m going to! 
I really want to have a nice little nest for my husband.  You know, a place he doesn’t just like to come home to but LOVES to come home to.
This is the real deal.  I’ve not only written it down, but I’ve PUBLISHED it! 
If anyone is reading this… make sure I follow through, ok?  Haha!  I really don’t want Roy to have to eat cold cereal for the rest of his life.

Never Tired of London

School has started.  I've scrambled up my schedule enough times to cause a few stress-zits, but I think I'm finally settled.  After only one week of school I can already tell you what my favorite days of the week will be: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays.  When I get to take Writing for Children and Adolescents and then Literature into Film.  At last, after three years of college I've arrived at the subjects that I've truly been thirsting for.
It so happens that a girl who was in London with me last fall is in my Literature into Film class.  It's always nice to have a friend in class.  You know, it helps me look like somewhat less of a loser.  Plus they're good for homework emergencies etc.  Rachel and I fill in the gaps between lectures reminiscing about our time in London and our other travels from Paris to the Isle of Skye.  It always leaves me feeling nostalgic and craving Nandos.  (Mmmmmmm)
Today Rachel told me that it was the anniversary of when we arrived at the London Centre.
That brought on a whole new onslaught of intense nostalgia!  At this exact time one year ago I was setting up my bed beneath the slanting ceiling in the attic.  I was looking out the window at all of the chimney tops and wondering what the place held in store for me.
Wow, and then I met some of the greatest people and had some of the most amazing experiences.  If only I could have deciphered from those chimney tops that I would have the greatest semester of my life... maybe it would have helped me fight off the jet-lag.  
"When a man [or woman] is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
- Samuel Johnson

I couldn't agree more with Sam.  London afforded us our ring!  And it was when I knew Roy was the one I wanted to grow old with and return to London with again and again.  I hope we do.  I miss you London!