It's really not my fault my 22nd birthday cropped up only ten days after our Tucson reception.  We've already been showered with wedding gifts, it seemed ridiculous to even expect a sliver of birthday cake!  BUT, of course Roy and Mom wouldn't let my special day go uncelebrated.
Roy got up super early and got started on my breakfast-in-bed while I slept in.  He, Mom, and Dad marched into our room singing "happy birthday" and blinding me with the flash from the camera.  It was an awesome surprise and a yummy start to my day.
I spent most of the day with Mom and my hubby.  Roy was constantly reminding me it was my birthday and doing special things for me all day.  That night Lynn, Grandma, and Grandpa joined our little family at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and... of course... cheesecake.  AMAZING!
Of course the waiters were forced to come out and sing to me.  Poor guys...
But to-die-for cheesecake!!!
After food we went home and celebrated some more.  Honestly, I don't deserve it!  Too much attention for one summer!  But it really a perfect birthday and I loved every minute.  Especially with Roy- sweetest husband ever!  Thanks Roy and fam (which, of course, includes Lynn)

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