Home Sweet Home

Prepare for a pictureless post.
I know that means most of you have already navigated away from our page.  Maybe all of you.  Sorry, but our tumbled up sweet apartment is covered in cardboard boxes and garbage bags and we haven't had time to shop for wireless Internet yet.  The husband dropped me off on campus so I could get some things done.  Not necessarily to get the blog done, but here I am.
What I should really be doing is my Spanish online class, which starts today.  The rest of my BYU classes start on Monday and I should probably look and make sure I don't have any assignments yet.  Usually about this time each semester I'm excited; new teachers, new material, new classmates!  But this time I'm dreading the responsibility of school!  I'd rather just keep hanging out with the husband like we've been doing for the past month.  No responsibilities but to set up house.
Which, by the way, has been a blast!  We spent the entire day yesterday searching for a good deal on a mattress.  We're convinced we found the BEST!  We also got our hands on our very own washer and dryer (thanks to having kind cousins like Candice).  It's been fun.  And we love the apartment.  It's spacious and has a cool back door that leads to the grassy area and basketball court we share with our neighbors in the 4-plex.  It's so nice, we wondered how in the world it was so affordable!
Oooooh.... yes I'm reminded about once every hour as a huge galumphing train blasts right under our window blaring its horn, which rattles our furniture slightly.  And these trains are long!  Clank clank clank clank clank clank as each individual car clunks past us for three to five solid minutes.  I suppose I can bear that, but why the horn?  Who is going to be hanging out on the railroad tracks at three in the morning?  And if someone were really insane enough to be doing that, who would not see the blinding headlight on the front of the train from 10 miles away- or feel the earth quaking beneath them- and get the heck out of the way?
Personally, I think that the train conductors must get an unholy amount of pleasure out of shattering a beautifully quiet night in suburban areas with those blasted horns!  If I had to be up driving a stupid train in the middle of the night, I'd probably want all of the peacefully sleeping people to share in an ounce of my suffering too.  OK, so I get that.  But what does the rooster have against me???
If I'm not being woken up in the night by a roaring train, a confused rooster will certainly do the trick.  The thing lives just on the other side of the railroad tracks.  Close enough that I could probably throw a rock at its head.  I get the feeling that would cause more problems than it would solve, but it's definitely tempting.
I always had some ideal image in my mind of being woken up by the crowing of a rooster once the sun was fully in the sky.  This thing doesn't even wait for a ray of sunshine!  It just crows its head off at any time- night or day.  Seven a.m. would be perfect.  One a.m., two a.m., and any other possible moment between train hurricanes, is not what I'd ever dreamed of in my ideal farmer world.
It's been a fun adventure.  Roy sleeps right through it all.  Lucky him.  The only time he ever wakes up is when I'm giggling.  And I'm giggling because that rooster is so dang confused it's just hilarious.
Mom says I'll get used to it and soon I wont be waking up anymore.  Well... I'll let you know how that goes.


  1. hahaha! for sure the pictureless blog is a disappointmnet but it doesn't detur me from reading your wonderful take on life and your beautiful and amazing love for life...no matter what your circumstances....Congratulations on your first home8) Keep Bloggin!

  2. Oh....I have about the same story about roosters as in two....yeah....they start about 4 am and actually crow all the day long....the train....wow....that would be a difficult one....I cant believe that Roy sleeps through it all....twould be nice eh?