Hey I'm Mrs. Buckmaster!

Just today Roy and I got home from our amazing honeymoon in Hawaii.  The flight across the Pacific was a red-eye so I still need to catch some Z's.  But first I wanted to reassure everyone who wasn't present that my sunburn did miraculously disappear just in time for the wedding.  I could tell from the flood of comments that everyone was extremely worried for me (note sarcasm).
Here's proof:

See, no trace of burned skin.  A miracle!

Catch-up posts to follow


  1. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! I am so sad I could be there. Know I was thinking about you :)

  2. Beautiful couple...beautiful few days in Oregon....so wonderful to be with your families....I hope your plans go as planned tomorrow...would love to be there but.....Cant wait for more pics.....and the honey moon.....why is it called a honey moon.....hmmmm? Loves!

  3. Oh Elliot, You look absolutely gorgeous!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Married life is so much fun, you will love it! You look really tan and not at all like a tomato:) Im glad that the burn faded into a beautiful tan for you...keep the pictures coming!

  4. im so happy for you, elliot! and im so happy i got to see you at your reception! you looked absolutely stunning! i love your blog... cant wait to see your adventures as an old married fart! haha... :)