Reality Check

It's been a loooong summer for me.  It seems that when anticipating an event so huge and exciting, time deliberately decides to tick by a little slower.  Or, as in my case, stand completely still.
Yet small signs have been cropping up and giving me butterflies lately.
Like these expiration dates on our milk, for example:
Yes, I did just post giant pictures of milk carton expiration dates on my blog.  But do these dates ring any bells for anyone?  Am I really weird to get excited by milk cartons? 
The point is, it turns out that in all reality time is actually still trudging forward.
It's the first day of July- at last, we are finally in the month.  I haven't been so excited since Roy and I hit our 101 days mark.  On that day Roy got me the Disney Classic 101 Dalmations on DVD, and a cute card that read "Good Luck".  Hilarious.  
And now we're 22 days and counting!

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  1. How exciting!! Just enjoy every moment. It is all soooo fun!