The Perfect Imperfection

I should be embarrassed to even publish this picture.  But you know, I've just impressed myself with my incredible stupidity!
My chest, front of my arms, and face are FRIED!  In fact, I think the only area on my upper body that didn't burn to a crisp is that around my eyes, thanks to my over-sized Target brand sunglasses.  This beautiful apple red will look just dazzling against white silk taffeta.  Right?
I had halter top tan lines that I desperately needed to get rid of.  I'd tried twice to just sit out in the sun for a little bit, but they didn't seem to improve.  So Tuesday was my last chance, and I decided to take more drastic measures: no sunscreen, and floating on a raft in Lynn's pool while she fed me McDonald's french fries. Once we started gabbing we completely lost all sense of time- and now I'm paying for it.
Somehow I think I deserve this.  Planning and preparing for this wedding was going WAY too perfectly.  Flawless!  Clearly I needed something to have a meltdown over.  For tradition's sake.

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  1. Oh Elliot!! That looks painful! I hate sunburns, no fun. But funny post:)