A Bride's Mind

I'm officially ready to just seal the deal already!!!!
Compared to most American weddings, Roy and I have had a relatively short engagement: Seven months.  But how do other brides do it?  One year???  Two years?????  After only seven months I feel completely done and ready to just party.  I've combed through enough bridal magazines, I've tried on enough clothes/dresses, I've ordered enough things
But you know, I've had it easy with Dennis and Laura covering practically everything in Oregon and my mom being a party planning guru in Arizona.  I'm lucky, really.  It's been fun to hang out with my mom and sister to make sure we have everything ready for the wedding.  This last week we went to Phoenix.

 And it's a good excuse to hang out with my girls, who are AWESOME and so incredibly helpful.
See?  Lucky.  In fact, once everything is over maybe I'll look back and really miss planning and anticipating my own wedding- the biggest day of my life.  But for now, I'm done.  I'm ready.  I really am.  I'm ready to see Roy FINALLY!  And I'm ready to eat cake, dance, and smile for billions and billions of pictures! 

P.S. My last weekend as a single woman!

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  1. You are going to LOVE being married! It's so fun, and well worth the wait. But yes, you are done. You are almost there! And you look gorgeous next to your mom and sister. Can't wait to see you!