The Perfect Imperfection

I should be embarrassed to even publish this picture.  But you know, I've just impressed myself with my incredible stupidity!
My chest, front of my arms, and face are FRIED!  In fact, I think the only area on my upper body that didn't burn to a crisp is that around my eyes, thanks to my over-sized Target brand sunglasses.  This beautiful apple red will look just dazzling against white silk taffeta.  Right?
I had halter top tan lines that I desperately needed to get rid of.  I'd tried twice to just sit out in the sun for a little bit, but they didn't seem to improve.  So Tuesday was my last chance, and I decided to take more drastic measures: no sunscreen, and floating on a raft in Lynn's pool while she fed me McDonald's french fries. Once we started gabbing we completely lost all sense of time- and now I'm paying for it.
Somehow I think I deserve this.  Planning and preparing for this wedding was going WAY too perfectly.  Flawless!  Clearly I needed something to have a meltdown over.  For tradition's sake.

Feeling Nostalgic

Mom and Dad, from day one you guys have always been there for me.  Whether it was a scraped knee or scraped car paint, I knew you would always know what to do.  Thank you for teaching me important values in life, for making every birthday a blast, and for forcing me go to school when I was faking sick.  Most importantly, thank you for raising me in an environment where I never doubted whether I was loved, and where I was able to come to know my Savior.  I love you!

I think that's Alexa, but I had to put up this pic of you Dad.
I'm laughing at how short my Dad's shorts are!
I'm pretty sure I had one of the best childhoods ever had. Thanks Mom & Dad!

A Bride's Mind

I'm officially ready to just seal the deal already!!!!
Compared to most American weddings, Roy and I have had a relatively short engagement: Seven months.  But how do other brides do it?  One year???  Two years?????  After only seven months I feel completely done and ready to just party.  I've combed through enough bridal magazines, I've tried on enough clothes/dresses, I've ordered enough things
But you know, I've had it easy with Dennis and Laura covering practically everything in Oregon and my mom being a party planning guru in Arizona.  I'm lucky, really.  It's been fun to hang out with my mom and sister to make sure we have everything ready for the wedding.  This last week we went to Phoenix.

 And it's a good excuse to hang out with my girls, who are AWESOME and so incredibly helpful.
See?  Lucky.  In fact, once everything is over maybe I'll look back and really miss planning and anticipating my own wedding- the biggest day of my life.  But for now, I'm done.  I'm ready.  I really am.  I'm ready to see Roy FINALLY!  And I'm ready to eat cake, dance, and smile for billions and billions of pictures! 

P.S. My last weekend as a single woman!


I finally got these pictures internet-friendly this week.  I thought I'd put up a few of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Our photographer had his work cut out for him.  We told him that we wanted cool outdoor shots, even though we were in Utah in the dead of winter.  Not much "cool" about dead vegetation and muddy snow piles.  He scoped out the area and finally found this little park just outside of Bountiful.  The pond and reeds were beautiful!  Also, my favorite thing about these shots is the way the light plays.

Of course we couldn't stay serious for more than three minutes.

Two weeks to go!