Check Your Mailbox

Sending out invitations really wasn't as simple as I expected.
Good thing I have an amazing mom, sister, foreign exchange student sister, best friend, grandmother, and aunts and cousins to get me through!  Thanks so much guys, I would still be tying ribbons right now if it weren't for you!!!

At first I thought it would be cool to use a wax seal for some of the invitations.  I've been going with an antique theme for this wedding, and, as far as mail goes, there is nothing more antique than a wax seal.
But after I sat there for three minutes with a lit candle, slowly dripping melted wax onto the envelope while trying not to burn myself... I realized this was a bad idea.  So two lucky invitees will get seals.  The winners should get a prize.


  1. Dang it! I didn't get a wax seal. However, I DID get your invitation and it's FABULOUS!!

  2. I LOVE your invite!! So stinking cute and so classy. Great Job

  3. You have such good taste...and Im impressed that you do so much of the planning and mailings...Invites were very.....antiquey:)

  4. Congratulations, Laura! You have won... a new daughter-in-law! Lucky you!