I Would Run 500 Miles

Now that I look back, I realize it was kind of early in the morning and I may not have been fully awake when I was struck with this "idea."  I was walking the dogs (or the dog and the blundering horse) when the that Scottish song got stuck in my head:
And I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles to fall down at your door
I started mapping out in my mind how I could run to Rexburg.  It's 1,015 miles, so I'd have The Procclaimers beat by a full fifteen.  It would be great training for the Teton Dam Half that I'm running in June... but I don't think I'd make it there in time to run it if I were heading up there by foot.  Plus, I'd be missing my Spanish class that I have to take down here in order to graduate on time.  And when would I have time to plan our wedding?
So I've dropped the idea of running to Rexburg.  And now that I'm more awake, it seems like a good decision.  But I do miss Roy.


  1. Hey,
    Good luck with the half. That's great. My address is PO Box 534 Sugar City ID 83448.

  2. I hope that being away from each other right now is the hardest things you will have to endure...you are so cute...you could keep track and walk or run every day up to 1,015 miles....I keep thinking where I would like to go and keep track of the miles each day and get into shape :)