Reason to Celebrate

I got it from my mom.  I LOVE even the smallest holidays.
Here's a quick rundown:
St. Patrick's Day!
Proof that not EVERYTHING I do in the kitchen is a complete failure.  These are "Those Potatoes"– a family favorite.  If you've ever eaten these before, this picture is probably making your mouth water... despite the festive green.
Proof that Roy was made for me: it was his idea to try green french toast.

April Fool's Day is high on my list of favorites.  Now, I've been told I'm not allowed to put up any pictures from this day.  But I DO have pictures.  And they ARE hilarious.
Filling Sarah's umbrella with pink Easter grass was just the beginning, but she thought it was the end.  She never expected what was coming next!
I was getting ready for school when I heard Sarah screaming from the bathroom.  MUAHAHA!  I had filled the top half inch her deodorant with cream cheese and sculpted it with my finger until it looked exactly like the rest of the stick.  It was perfect!
When I went in there the first thing I saw was the chunky cream cheese smeared all over her armpit.  She was tangled up in her jacket, trying to keep the sticky white from touching her clothes.
Hahaha- it was my favorite April Fool's joke ever!  Other little pranks included coloring Cassidy's milk an off-green color, so that she would think it had gone bad.  (She always thinks her milk has gone bad.)  Oh, and I filled her bed with pink packing peanuts so that when she jumped under the covers for a good night's sleep she'd get a little Styrofoamy surprise.
Roy got off pretty lucky this year... but that's becacuse there are so many more to come :-)
Easter was fun!  It was Conference weekend, and we spent Saturday morning at Carson and Shellena's eating breakfast with a big group.  Then we went with Leah to the afternoon session in Salt Lake.  Man- it's always good to be there.  But Sunday it was mostly just Roy and I, and we had fun!  We decorated eggs and then hid them for Carson and Shellena and also some at my apartment for my roommates.  They are STILL finding them.  :-p


  1. I do think you get the good fun celebrations from your mom...and maybe a bit from Granma Collett...I sure think of her often and when I make rolls....and Easter...and St. Patrick day...all the fun that she had...oh and the mom was a jokester....she could dish it out but she never suspected anything from her...before she was sick...kadie was probably 11 or 12...I don't know how many year in a row kadie called granma C. up the morning of april fools and every year told her she broke an arm or even a leg....every year she fell for it and got so concerned. She always did the green thing....I think her favorite book was green eggs and ham...Im your blog....keep blogging!

  2. Oh....our easter sunday was extra special...we got to spend it with you family and Guy and Dees family in Sunny Tucson....I wish I had more pics...if ya want to check it =]

  3. Aw- I wish I could have been around more often for holidays with Grandma! I remember going up for the big easter hunt when we were little though! :-) I must have gotten my holiday love from both sides! Oh and I wish we could have been in Tucson too, it looks like you guys had tons of fun!