Our Last Days

Final exams have significantly contributed to the lack of blog posts.  Now that I've found a moment to breathe, I thought I'd do a quick update.

I'm in Tucson for the summer.  Most of the summer, at least.  I'm sure I wont be able to resist a few trips up to Rexburg during the next three months.  I'm running the half at the Dam Marathon with friends in June and I also have my own bachelorette party to attend up there, so I have at least two excuses to go visit other than missing Roy to death.

I DO already miss him to death.  Our last week together was fun, though.  Andrea and Kenny threw us a going away party.  For the summer Roy was going to Rexburg, I was going to Tucson, and Carson and Shellena were going to San Diego.  Since we wont all be together in Provo again until August, we played bocci ball

and... the guys did yoga?

And since there are no "going away" party decorations, Andrea provided us with birthday stuff.  We each got to blow out a candle and make a wish for the summer.  Mine was that this summer will go by FAST!

We also found time to get Roy sized for his tux.  Yahoo!

And as a last hurrah with my awesome roommates and some friends, we went on a hike up Rock Canyon.  Sad, our last hike in forever!
After I finally finished exams, I left for Rexburg.  I spent a few days there before making the 17 hour drive home, soaking up every last moment that I had with Roy.  Plus, hanging out with the girls was a blast.  I miss them so much already!  I even miss sleeping on their couch.  But more than anything I miss Roy.

I'm failing at trying not to whine about the separation, but at least I am confident that we can make it through.  We've done it before, and this time we don't have an entire ocean separating us.

Miss him!

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  1. Your mom will help you keep so busy that the time will fly....time flys even when you don't have a wedding to plan....hang in there...you are so dang cute!