Honeymoon Decision

The poll has closed and a final decision has been made.  Thank you to all five of you who voted (ha)- and sorry to anyone who's votes got erased by the virus.
The results left us with a tie between a trip down the California Coast and Hawaii.  We debated whether we should just flip a coin, or whether we should just surprise everyone and go somewhere no one would expect... like Japan...

But the winner is...
If anyone has any suggestions on the best islands, the best beaches, must-dos, or what you always wished you could do in Hawaii, let us know!!!


  1. Ok here is my advice- Oahu is great because it has Wikiki, Honolulu....but my favorite thing about Oahu is the North Shore... the beaches are the best and since you will be going in the summer the waves will be small so you could actually swim and Halewia is my favorite town... plus BYU H is there and the PCC and I believe the temple will be open by then. Plus I have lived here so can really give you some of my favorite things to do....

    But the Big Island is more country and beautiful- it has the volcanoes and black sand beaches. There are also a lot more 'local' type so be careful where you go on this island. There is a temple there too in Kona

    Kauai is also pretty and more country - a lot of hiking...

    Maui is also the other island with more of a city life... also pretty...

    But if I had to choose I would do the Big Island or Oahu....

    But you could also look into a Hawaii island cruise and see all of it!

  2. I applaud your decision, Elliot! I went to Maui with my husband for our honeymoon. It was kind of like leaving planet earth and going to your own piece of the universe...we went during a slow week. Hawaii is amaaaazziiiing!

    Maui was perfect for us. Activities including ATV in the mountains, horseback riding with ocean views, whale watching (my FAVORITE) and a dinner cruise at sunset. The best part though was chillin' on the beach together. Maui seemed like a private, quiet place to go.

    Oahu is where all the excitement is. I've never been there with my husband, but it's next on the list! That's where the sensory overload happens! Such amazing nightlife. Waikiki is just heaven to me...all that shopping and restaurants and people watching Love it! Whatever you decide to do/which island to go to, I know you will LOVE it!

  3. We went to Maui for our honey moon...small enough that you can cover the whole island and enjoy snorkeling in a few days...but we did go island hopping on a second trip to Hawaii and I love love the big island...Polynesian cultural center...hung out on the temple grounds because the temple was closed for cleaning...that was my only disappointment...anywhere in the Hawaiian islands is like another world...soooo beautiful and peaceful. I remember instantly wanting to learn bits of the language and live there for ever =}

  4. Roy you should call grandma (B)S and ask her she has a lot if experience with all the travels with Uncle Roy in the islands.