Dates At Gunpoint

Roy made dinner, like he usually does.  After I finished the grilled cheese sandwich I told him I needed to grab something out of my car and I would be right back.
I didn’t come back.
Instead, Sarah walked into the kitchen with a ransom note:

First Roy texted me, “Are you ok?”  
Maybe the ransom note was a little too convincing?  J  I just answered with, “Aaaah!”

So he arrived at the McDonald’s at 7 on the dot, just as the note instructed.  Unfortunately, we weren’t ready for him.  

This is Andrea, Shellena, and I all dressed up to kill.  But my accomplice’s husbands were a little late, and we’d been hoping that we could capture them all at once.  So– we sent Roy out to the parking lot to wait until we were ready to make our move.  Finally, when all of the guys were there we pulled up our hoods and pounced on them.  Kenny had thought it would be a good idea to bring air-soft guns (he had received a similar ransom note) but that idea kind of backfired on him.  We took the guns from them, blindfolded them, and used the guns to coax them into the back of my car.
We three girls crowded up into the front seats.  I drove, Andrea navigated, and Shellena kept our captives quiet.  She was pretty threatening too. 

She shot Roy right in the leg to prove she was serious, haha!  It wasn’t fair that they could all speak to each other in Portuguese and make escape plans.
They almost succeeded once when we stopped the car in the middle of nowhere to throw them off as to where we were going (or maybe it was actually because we weren’t doing so hot on the navigating part of our plan…) they almost locked us all out of the car!
But eventually we made it to Jump On It.  It’s basically an auditorium made of trampolines, including the walls.  Way fun!
When I asked Roy how long he thinks we were at Jump On It he said, “Well… I think it was two hours to get there and one hour actually there.”
Yeah- we were pretty pathetic miscreants.
But still we had a blast.  On the trip home we agreed not to blindfold them and just went and had some pudding pie and watched a movie. 
Fun friends and fun date nights!

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