Confessions of a Valentine's Hater

My former Valentine’s Day hatred has roots from my childhood. I disliked it because Mom and Dad usually disappeared on that day or weekend, if they could, and left us in the hands of some television-obsessed teenager. Yet Mom always had the living room decorated in pink and red and she even made sure we had bags of little gifts, like heart-spotted socks, along with cards to tell us how much she and Dad loved us.  But still…
Something about Valentine’s just never settled with me. By the time I hit middle school my personal vendetta against the holiday had commenced. Carnations were sold in the cafeteria for a buck and these multicolored tufts of flowers appeared everywhere- usually in admired people’s lockers. Even worse, they would sometimes end up in the hands of singing telegram people who would burst into your classroom and make your ears bleed.
I grew to despise those weird tasting conversation heart candies and the way people would stick crudely cut out heart shapes all over doors and cement walls. Half of the girls spent the holiday mourning their boyfriendlessness and the other half abruptly felt the need to giggle and gawk at boys like they’d never seen them before. It was just pathetic. If I was ever dating anyone during Valentine’s I requested that we treat it as if it were just a normal day. Nothing special.
Then Roy happened, and I suddenly will take any excuse to celebrate our amazing, disgustingly romantic love. Hence, this year was the best Valentine’s Day EVER and I believe my vendetta has spiraled into nonexistence.
I snuck over to Roy’s apartment early in the morning, decorated his car, and left a small gift and corny, cliché poem inside. Then I ran upstairs to see him where I was surprised with the sweetest letter ever written among other little gifts (my favorite, a DVD of Tom & Jerry’s best episodes of all time).
Throughout the day we ended almost everything we said to each other with either, “I love you” or “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Wow… if only my middle and high school friends could have seen… they never would have believed it.
We made a cake for Roy’s sister, Leah!
We cut the cake in the shape of a heart! We are so cute.
We dropped off 312 water bottles to Utah Charities to be shipped to Haiti.
We hung out with the McMannus’ where we watched Rockadoodle and colored in coloring books with Mylee and Maddox.
And Sarah had this adorable idea to make cake pops.
They were supposed to look like this…
She should never have let me into the kitchen…
They may be ugly, but they still tasted delicious! I love eating my weight in sugar.
Roy, I love you! Thanks for giving me a reason to love Valentine’s Day!

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