Oregonna Party?

Soooo many pictures to remember this Oregon trip.  First of all, it was great to have Roy along with us on this trip.  I love watching his Oregon pride blossom.

We drove over with Kirsten and Danny, which made the drive a lot more fun.

We spent our 8th wedding anniversary in Portland together while Kirsten and the rest of the family took our kids kayaking.  It was kind of a big deal, because we've never done anything for our anniversary, really.  We've always been on Lake Powell for our family reunion at the end of July.  Not this time!

Roy hadn't spent any real time in Portland since he was a teenager, and I had never been anywhere other than the airport!  {And Lake Oswego, which is where the temple we were sealed in is located}.  
On the top of our list was the original Powell's Bookstore.  We headed up to the top floor and spent a ton of time raking through the interesting pieces they keep in the Rare Book Room.  We chose a collection of Chaucer published at the end of the 18th century with a very rare and expensive binding from the early 1900s to remember our anniversary by.  But it was hard to choose, there were a lot of amazing old books in there.

We roamed the streets of Portland for another hour or so and got a nice lunch near the waterfront.  Although we agreed Portland is crazy dirty and smells like pee, we had a great day with just the two of us, reconnecting as people and lovers, not just as parents.  A highlight was making our way over to the temple.  It was closed for refurbishments, but walking around the grounds brought back all of the memories and all of the feels.  I love this guy.


Hallie ate the blueberries faster than we could get them in her bucket.

Oh, and there was another new cousin to meet!  Evan was super popular with Hallie in particular.  She loves cute babies, and Evan is most definitely one of the cutest.

Marion berry French toast!  The BEST breakfast in the world.

Although I was thrilled to finally go to Powell's, I admit that my favorite bookstore in the world is still the one in Lincoln City.  

Thank goodness for Kirsten.  Hallie would have had some serious neck pain without her!

We got to go on a discovery tour out to the ocean.  Unfortunately it was too foggy to spot any whales, but we also got to go upriver and see tons of other wildlife.

And then there's always the aquarium!

When it was time to head back home, all the Buckmasters went with us to Vale.  On the way over we stopped for a beautiful little hike.  Grandpa taught the kids about tree rings, and Camden learned how to use nature as a bathroom in emergencies.

Loving the farm and soaking up every last minute with cousins.

Even after being a part of this family for eight years, I still can't believe my luck.