Thanksgiving Through Camden's Eyes

Hey this is Camden writing right now, and this is a picture of me wearing a birthday hat that I got from school.  Because it was my real birthday that day.  And also there was another kid that had a birthday the same day as mine.  It was José.  And also I got a juice drink for a birthday present from my whole class.

This is my baby sister, Quinn.  

This is another picture of Quinn, and it was winter and when I had to go to school Quinn had to wrap up in those blankets to keep warm.

When I was at school I made a turkey hat at specials.  And in this picture I am going home with my mom and sisters.

Here are some more pictures of Quinn, because she is very cute.  And we are making her smile for a picture.  I'm really good at making her smile!  {Camden wanted to be sure I put an exclamation point on the end of that sentence.  Smart boy.}

We didn't take a lot of pictures on Thanksgiving, but we got to eat dinner with Grammy and Papa and our whole family.  Even Jaxon and Emma.

On Thanksgiving at Grammy and Papa's house Grammy gave me an activity to show when I was done, and the rules for it is to write what I am thankful for.  And the stuff that I wrote was... house, family, friends, food, Pokemon, and thanksgiving.

We spent the night there and in the morning we made gingerbread houses with Grammy.  Making gingerbread houses is fun and also I almost ate all of it all gone!

Hallie really likes candy.  Jaxon does too.

Hallie wasn't really making the gingerbread house.  She was just eating all of the candy!  Grammy and Daddy helped her a lot.

Okay, Elliot stepping in here, although Camden is doing a fantastic job.  Just wanted to add in that Hallie absolutely adores Quinn--always fawning over her, pinching her cheeks like an old auntie.  At least twice a day she asks me to take a picture of her with her little sister, so of course she was tickled pink when I got them matching outfits after Thanksgiving.

In fact, she requests to have her picture taken quite a lot.  With outfit changes, princess dresses, and accessories, and - most importantly - an impressive repertoire of facial expressions, I am more than happy to oblige this sweet, spunky chika.

{Hallie's first haircut}

Now back to me, Camden.  I wrote this letter to my dad after I learned that Santa brings you a black rock if you are on his naughty list.  It says: "Light.  Dear Roy, you have been a bad dad so you have to have a rock for Christmas.  Dear {from} Santa, To Roy."  I left it under the Christmas tree for him to find.  It was just a funny joke.

One day it was snowing when we were walking home from school so when we got home Mom made us hot chocolate and then we tried to make paper snowflakes.  It was kind of hard to figure out how to make the paper look like real snowflakes.

We were sad we didn't get to go see Grandma and Grandpa but there was some snow.  But we still had a good Thanksgiving I think.

A Pokemon Party

Guys.  Birthday parties are ALL the rage in elementary school.  We hadn't met most of Camden's school friends, either, so the pressure was on!  Luckily, every single one of his friends, old and new, are so fun and cute.  The party was a raging, Pokemon success.

First, we had all of the kids create their own Pokemon.  I was so in love with their creations I took a picture of every single one.  

After the new Pokemon were given names and special abilities, the kids mentally prepared themselves to catch Pokemon in the wild.  The "wild" was our basement, where I had hidden Pokemon cards for them to find.

Next they played games to learn how to train their new Pokemon.

Then the kids ate lunch, sang happy birthday, and ate lots and lots of delicious chocolate cake.

Just in case that wasn't enough sugar, we busted out the piñata!

The final step in their training to become Pokemon masters involved battling.  Basically is was rock, paper, scissors.

And for the final game, pass the present.

Quinn was there too!

Camden got a lot of Pokemon cards from his sweet friends.  He couldn't have been more thrilled.  He loves to take the Ultimate Pokemon Guidebook he received and tape all of the cards into their corresponding pages.  He loves to organize them by health, by type, and even alphabetically.  He loves to make up games {with ever-changing rules} involving the cards and Pokemon battles.

Some things I love most about Camden are his sense of humor, his happy demeanor, and his generosity that easily outlasts mine.  As much as he loves his Pokemon cards, he wants his friends to have some too and he's always giving them away.  He is truly one of the most kind and patient humans I know.  We love you Camden!  Happy sixth birthday!